Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TiCal Conference

Last week was such a crazy week! I had three professional developments that I had to present and two sessions at the TiCal conference. I also took two of my model classrooms to the student showcase at the conference. Needless to say I am exhausted, but I had so much fun and learned a lot of new things. So I thought I'd share. First of all, I had to present about creating iTunes Courses with Shelley Dirst. I have two courses that I have created and my teachers have created some. Here are QR Codes to the links to the courses if you are interested:

This is the QR Code to a K-1 course about Space. It is not quite finished, but the great part about it is that when the teacher updates information it will automatically update to anyone that has downloaded the course.

This is a 2-3 course on the human body. This course is complete with video lessons, books, etc.

This course teaches 4-5 grade students about fractions.

FABLES COURSE: Animals and their Stories
This is my course on fables. Intended for 2-3 graders.

On the same day two of my model classroom teachers brought 4 students each to the student showcase to show others some of the great things they were doing in the classroom. The students were so excited and did such a great job. Here is a few pictures from the event. I have video as well that I hope to post soon! The students did a fabulous job presenting! So proud of my teachers and students and all of their hard work!

  Students are getting ready to present.

Student shows Mr. Stone her iPad.

 Presentation to an administrator.

Students share activities with principal.

Students present to other districts.

I also went to some great sessions! My favorite session was the one on creating iBooks Author presented by the magnificent Harry Dickens! His ideas are phenomenal and he inspires me every time I hear him speak. Check out my post at Technology Tailgate.

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